Reading Skills Soar at St William's

St William’s School, Grovely, has witnessed a massive jump in student reading abilities following the introduction of a whole school focus on the subject.
Principal Anthony Lucey said the fantastic outcomes were a great opportunity for the school community to celebrate great literacy progress across the board.
Mr Lucey said the school had used Brisbane Catholic Education’s DELT (Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching) strategies to develop literacy leaders across the school.
He said they had also introduced dedicated planning and coaching for teachers to help with teaching and assessing reading abilities and established professional learning opportunities for school officers to assist with reading.

The school also employed a school based speech pathologist to assist with early intervention.
“This has really helped our students soar above all reading benchmarks set by Brisbane Catholic Education,” Mr Lucey said.

“We use data walls to monitor progress and to respond when students are not progressing and we employ ‘the five questions for learners’ so our students know what they are learning and what they need to do to improve.”

Students ​Matari Morgan and Isaac Mahoney were among the students whose reading had greatly improved during the school year.
Isaac’s mother, Kay, said she had noticed a huge improvement in Isaac’s reading abilities over the year.

“Isaac has come on leaps and bounds in his reading in Year 1,” she said.
“He’s had a great teacher who really encourages the kids to love reading.
She said the learning of sight words based on stories they were reading had been a great leap forward for Isaac.

“He is always keen to jump to the next level and read harder stories, even at home,” she said. Matari said he could read as many books as he wanted to at St William’s.
“I love the words, putting them into sentences, so I can understand the story,” he said.
“There are some tricky ones sometimes, but the teacher helps with those and I learn the new tricky words.”

Teacher Francesca ​Massimino said the feedback from parents had been amazing.
“Progress has been incredible; it’s been a lot of hard work, but it all pays off in the end.
“When you see these students jumping ahead with the level of books they can read, it’s astonishing,” she said.​