Daily Routine and Bell Times

​​​The school office is o​​pen Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:30pm, during school terms. Messages may be left on the school voicemail (3355 5122) outside of these hours or email pgrovely@bne.catholic.edu.au

The fi​​rst bell is at 8:26am, with school commencing on the second bell at 8:29am. The school day concludes at 2:55pm.

​8:26am Warning bell​​
​8:29am​Start of school bell
​10:40am-11:25am​1st break
​2nd break
​Close of school bell
  • ​No student is to arrive before 8:10am.
  • Prior to the first bell, students stay in a school designated meeting place unless they are under the supervision of Outside School Hours Care. Children who arrive at school before 8:10am must be booked into the Before School Care Program – Ph 3354 3904. 
  • Teacher supervision begins at 8:10am in the designated area/s. Playground equipment is not to be used before or after school. ​
  • The afternoon school bus line is supervised.


































In the case of children being absent, a phone call to the absentee line (3355 5122 ext 1) stating the child's ​name, class and nature of the absence is required from the parent/carer. This ensures that the whereabouts of your child is known. Please try to ensure that medical and dental appointments are made outside of school hours, if possible.​




Change of pick-up arrangements:


































































  • Phone the office (3355 5122 ext 8) as early as possible, but no later than 2:30pm.
  • Email messages should be sent before 12:00 noon.

Late arrival

  • Students arriving from 8:40am onwards must be walked in to the school office by a parent/carer.
  • Parent/carer must authorise their late arrival via our electronic ALLE system, located in the school office.

Early pickup
































































































































  • Phone the office (3355 5122 ext 8) as early as possible.
  • Email messages should be sent before 12:00 noon.
  • Students must be collected from the school office: parent/carer must authorise early departure via our electronic ALLE system.

Communicating with teachers

  • Phone the office (3355 5122 ext 8) and leave a message for the teacher to phone back.
  • Email to pgrovely@bne.catholic.edu.au​​​ or to the teacher directly.