Camp, Excursions and The Year 6 Trip


Camps from Years 4 to​ 6 are designed to allow the students to undertake challenging experiences. They also provide our students with opportunities to develop independence, team work skills, set personal goals, overcome fears and challenge themselves through the activities provided. Camps involve almost every curriculum area and provide the opportunity for students and teachers to work co-operatively outside the boundaries of the classroom. 


Our teachers work collaboratively with community organisations to provide rich learning experiences outside our school grounds. In the past, such excursions have included: Samford Historical Museum, Queensland Museum and Science Centre, Trevena Glen, Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Centre. 

Year 6

Most years, our Year 6 students travel to Canberra to take part in an educational experience with a focus on Federal Government education. It provides our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in our nation's capital.

Students are permitted to participate in our Camps, Excursions and the Year 6 Trip at the Principal's discretion.