Sport at St William's School

​​S​porting opportunities are many and varied from Prep to Year 6: Swimming Carnival (only Years 3 to 6 students plus some Year 2 students), Cross Country Carnival, Athletics Carnival. Students in Prep to Year 6 also participate in swimming lessons during one school term. 

Physical Education lessons are also held on a weekly basis for all students and are based on the Australian Curriculum Guidelines where skill​​​s and physical development is taught and assessed. In addition, students 10 to 12 years of age have the opportunity to advance through to a State level in a variety of sports including: Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Softball, Swimming, Athletics, Netball and all Football codes. ​​

St Wiliam's School has been very competitive in North West (NW) District and Zone Carnivals having achieved a number of championship trophies. Our Physical Eduation Teacher​, together with parent volunteers, works to provide a healthy and thriving sporting culture.

St William’s School is one of a number of Catholic Schools that participate in the following external sporting events during the school year for students in Years 4 to 6:

  • North West District Carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country plus Track and Field Carnival)
  • Zone 4 Carnivals (Cross Country, Track and Field plus Gala Days)
  • QC Cup (Netball)

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