Principal's Welcome


Nick.jpgAt St William's School, we take a holistic approach to the education of ​all our students setting high expectations within a supportive community focussing on student centred learning. We provide authentic learning experiences connected to the curriculum and support each child's academic, social, emotional and physical development each and every day, which all starts with high-quality teaching and learning. We encourage our learners to seek and share feedback within our flexible learning environments.  Our staff are extremely professional and dedicated and each day go well beyond their roles and responsibilities to ensure all students are being educated, engaged, entertained and loved.

In this ever-changing world, we place a great deal of importance in ensuring that all our learners are creative, collaborative, communicative, critical thinkers and global digital citizens. We do this by providing each of our students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of specialist lessons from Prep to Year 6 which include Japanese, Digital Technologies, Physical Education and The Arts (which include Dance, Drama and Music). These specialist lessons provide each child with the opportunity to showcase their talents and become more confident through learning new and important skills and processes. 

At St William's School we have a Learning Support Team which includes our ST:IE (Support Teacher: Inclusive Education), Guidance Counsellor, Speech Therapist Pathologist, EALD Teacher  (English Language or Dialect), School Chaplain and one Co-Teachers (Co-Teachers work in classrooms to support and enrich student learning). 

We place a great deal of time and energy in providing sporting opportunities to all our students from Prep to Year 6. Over the course of the school year, our students can represent the school or participate in the following activities and sport: Zone 4 & Districts Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics;  Rugby 7s Carnival;  Netball;  Touch and Soccer Gala Days;  interschool sport which include Touch, Basketball, Netball and Soccer; and intraschool sport which include T-Ball, Touch Football, Soccer, Cricket and Softball. As part of our Friday Enrichment Activity Rotations, students from Years 4 to 6 get the chance to participate in Competitive and Social Sport, Dance, Robotics, Pottery and our Social Justice Club.

St William's School also offers Before School Sports Programs coached by our staff which run all year long. Some of these include Soccer Skills, Footy Skills, Cross Country, Athletics and Cricket. 

We also provide a number of Lunchtime Clubs which are very popular with our students. These run every week across the whole school year. Some of the activities included are Gardening Club, Robotics Club, Lego Club, Puzzle Club, Minecraft Club, Art Club, Structured Play and Organised Sport on the oval. 

We continue to live in the knowledge that we are alw​ays in God's Hand.

Nick Fogarty


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