Beyond The Classroom

​​​Co-curricular activities can teach students the positives of being part of a team, sharing their sense of fun with others, and keeping mentally and physically active.​ Depending on availability, the following activities will be offered to students throughout the school year. It is important to note that some, but not all, extra-curricular activities will incur ​an additional cost to families.


St William's School co​​mpetes in both the North-West District and Zone 4 Catholic Schools competitions which provide opportunities for students to represent the school in a variety of sports. Throughout the year, there are also opportunities for students to participate in after school sporting programs such as AFL Auskick, Soccer, Cricket and Tennis. There are also many Club ​sporting teams in and around our community where children from St William's are a part of and enjoy.​ ​


​Chess is an a​ctivity that strengthens problem-solving skills; enhances memory and concentration; fosters critical, creative and original thinking; teaches logical and sequential thinking; and demonstrates the importance of decision-making and consequences. The Chess Teacher is always welcoming of new members to the Chess Club. Feel free to contact the school if your​ child is interested. There is a cost incurred with this activity.


The Instrumental/Band Program runs during school time with lessons given once a week during school hours, by ​​​our Specialist Music Teachers. With instruments such as keyboard, violin, guitar, flute and other instruments, keen students are very likely to find something that suits them. ​The Instrumental/Band Program is offered to students in Years 4 to 6. Students will be offered this option at the end of Year 3. There is a cost incurred with this activity.


Further to our cl​assroom music program, there are opportunities for students in the upper year levels to extend their singing technique and enjoyment through the avenues of the very talented St William's Choir.​​​​​​​​

Library Time

​​​​​When the play bell sounds at first break, children have the opportunity to come to our wonderful Library for quiet reading and quiet drawing. We have created this quiet space for the children to create in peace.

technology statement.jpgTechy Tuesday

When the timetable permits, on a Tuesday during first break, our students have the opportunity to come to our very special Cybrary and engage in everything Technology. From Scratch programming to Spheros and many in betweens, the children are loving making use of our 'technology'.​​​​​​​​


When the timetable permits, on a Tuesday, the children meet for Ro​botics where they program, challenge and play with their favourite robots. A map is set up for them to move about. It's a challenge but the children are learning so much as they play and explore.

Art Club

On Fridays, during second break, Mrs Day works with the children who love to take time out and produce wonderful Art works. 

Dance Club

St William's School has many children who compete in Dance clubs and competitions outside of school and love sharing their knowledge and skills with all of the 'dancers' at St William's. Dance Club meets every Thursday during first break.

makerspace.jpgMaker Space

Maker Space Monday, pending timetabling, happens during first break on a Monday in the Cybrary. Our children love using the bits and pieces to create their masterpieces. Some get to come home, some are a work in progress, some get recycled. Lots of fun and squeals of delight! 

Handball Club

Handball Club needs no explanation. The offical competition/club meets on a Wednesday during first break. The stakes are high.


Pokemon Club

When timetabling permits, Pokemon Club is held on a Tuesday during first break.

Puzzle Club

Puzzles galore. Fridays, during first break, there is an opportunity for children to chill and solve the puzzles of life (well, it could help them with those skills for the future).