Specialist Lessons

​Students from ​​Prep to Year 6 are provided with Specialist Lessons on a weekly basis: 

  • ​LOTE: Japanese (Years 4 to 6 only)
  • The Arts
  • Health & Physical Education

LOTE: Japanese

Japanese at St William's School commences in Year 4 and continues through to Year 6. These years of Japanese learning provide a solid base for the study of the language, its function, structure and connectedness t​​o our language. As well, it provides opportunities for the children to develop an understanding of another culture and to reflect on the differences and similarities that create global creativity. Activities combine: listening, speaking, reading and writing which have their focus in everyday situations.

The A​​rts

In keeping with the holistic education philosophy at St William's School, we offer a wide range of cultural activities. ​​Each class is actively involved with The Arts program on a weekly basis, which involves music, dance and drama.  Children also experience a wide range of cultural activities from visiting local and international artists.

Health & Physi​cal Education

Health and Physical Education play a vital role in improving the health and wellbeing of our students. St William​’s School is committed to working with the members of our community to ensure all students can experience the health and social benefits that flow from an active lifestyle. Our quest to have more students physically active is reflected through the range of programs and initiatives we provide. We strive to open up new and improved sport and recreation opportunities. As well as increasing participation, many of these programs also aim to help participants improve their skills, regardless of their leve​l. 

Weekly swimming lessons are provided by qualified coaches who have Austswim (Swimming Australia) Accreditation; stude​nts are placed in groups according to their ability level:

  • Term 1: Years 2 to 6
  • Term 4: Years 1 to 5

Camps from Years 4 to​ 6 are designed to allow the students to undertake challenging experiences. They also focus on the ability of the students to function as members of a group. Camps involve almost every curriculum area and provide the opportunity for students and teachers to work co-operatively outside the boundaries of the classroom. Most years, our Year 6 students travel to Canberra; parents/carers are involved in fundraising to offset costs.​​