Assessment and Reporting

​​Twice Yearly Reporting (end of Terms Two and Four)

Twice yearly reporting judgements are made on evidence collected during the reporting period. When providing twice yearly written reports, teachers:

  • ​compare the evidence of learning with the year level achievement standard and student work samples and make a judgement about whether the evidence reflects the knowledge, understanding and skills in the achievement standard;
  • make a professional judgement about the quality of the evidence using a 5 point scale i.e. does the evidence show a depth of understanding, sophistication of skill and/or application of knowledge that goes beyond that described in the standard?

W​ell above the Australian achievement standard
​Evidence in folio reflects the standard. Re​porti​ng judgements reflect the quality of the evidence in terms of the depth of understanding, sophistication of skill and
the way in which knowledge has been applied.​​
Above the Australian achievement standard
Australian achievement standard
DBelow the Australian achievement standardEvidence in folio does not reflect the standard
​EWel​l below the Australian achievement standard